Toyota recalls Tacoma over rear differential concerns

Over 240,000 named in recall about leaky diffs that could seize up

If operated while diff is leaking, it could result in damage to its internal workings, which could result in increased noise and decreased propulsion.
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Finding odd-job careers in the auto industry

European manufacturer SEAT offers examples of auto-manufacturing jobs that require less formal training or, in some cases, more creative inclinations.

<p>T8 Volvo S90 charging</p>

Volvo plans for 2019 EV built in China

Volvo has committed to offer a hybrid of every model as it works toward selling one million electrified cars by 2025 (including full electric models)


Mini tops list of top British vehicles of all time

When results were tabulated, the original Mini topped the list that included the Aston Martin DB5, Jaguar E-Type, Land Rover Defender and McLaren F1.

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