Ford builds 100,000th Police Interceptor

Successors to the Crown Vic keep Ford atop the law enforcement vehicle charts

In 2014, Ford Police Interceptor were the best-selling law enforcement vehicles in America with a 55% market share.
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<p>2015 Ford F-150 Crash Test</p>

Aluminum 2015 Ford F-150 aces government crash tests

U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration awards 2015 Ford F-150s the highest possible rating, making them the safest F-150s ever.

<p>Dodge Viper 1 of 1 customizer</p>

Dodge Viper lovers can build unique cars

Called 1 of 1 Viper, it includes a 1:18 scale Viper and personalized instrument panel badge for those who take the design through to its hand-built conclusion.

<p>Ford Fiesta production line</p>

Ford following Toyota to Mexico for production

Mexican manufacturing started to take off during the worldwide economic recession of 2008-09, when automakers started to look at lowering production costs.

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